Vintage Jewelry Girl was born out of a little girl playing in her grandma’s jewelry box. Many years later, she’s still playing with jewelry and helping others develop a love for the incredible historical and artistic significance of beautiful vintage jewelry. This is my grandma’s jewelry box. Once filled with her best Sunday sparkles, it now holds my most treasured pieces and the fondest memories of our time together. My mission is to help those who appreciate sentimentality, quality craftsmanship, artistic design, green living,  and unique fashion achieve that for themselves with vintage jewelry.
grandmas jewelry box


Vintage Jewelry Girl
Wearing matching Art Deco dress clips.

I’m Jo-Ann and I have been offering collectibles and antiques online  from Edmonton, Alberta since 1998! 

There’s so much to love about vintage so I started Vintage Jewelry Girl to share my passion of the artwork of vintage jewelry! It’s something you can buy and collect that:


  1. Retains its value.
  2. Is eco-friendly.
  3. You can share! Vintage jewelry has a large community of fans that you can join to meet new people and learn together about history, fashion, and manufacture.
  4. Ties you to the past and previous eras.
  5. Is unique. Be a trend setter and have fun with your accessories!

These points and more have kept me interested in bringing you the best quality vintage jewelry for 18 years!

I was always the youngest in my field and now I’m a seasoned veteran who enjoys sharing information with my fans and customers. I own a large library of books on vintage jewelry and am involved in various jewelry groups comprised of serious collectors, historians, book authors, and in some cases, relatives of designers!  Let me know if you would like specific book recommendations to start or enhance your jewelry collection. I love talking vintage jewels! So please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have something special to share!

The Vintage Jewelry Collection

Our collection is specially curated. Each and every piece is chosen for quality, style, historical significance, and condition. Condition is clearly stated and photographed and questions regarding all pieces are welcomed! Vintage Jewelry Girl has generous policies in place to protect our shoppers. We strive to be accurate in all of our descriptions. Guaranteed authenticity of our vintage items or your money back! Shop with Vintage Jewelry Girl for a safe and enjoyable experience!


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