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The Vintage Jewelry Collection

Our uniquely curated vintage costume jewelry collection is specially selected to bring you the best in design, quality, and condition.  We carry a variety of styles such as art deco, retro modern, brutalist, 50’s and 60’s kitsch,  glamour and 80’s power fashion. Our eclectic selection comes from all over the world including Italy, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Germany, Mexico, France, Canada, and the USA. Featuring top jewelry designers such as BoucherShermanTrifariCoroJuliana (D&E), Kramer, VendomeD’Orlan, Florenza, and so many more! We also have a unique vintage bridal jewelry collection for your wedding day.

Trifari Jelly Belly Frog
Vintage Jewelry Earrings

Vintage and Antique Jewelry is Unique!

Stand out, express your individuality, and feel connected to the past by wearing “little pieces of artwork.” Contemporary costume jewelry is a reflection of all the trends that have come and gone. You can relive those iconic fashion trends in their purest form through vintage and antique jewelry while adding pop, glamour, and sentimentality to your wardrobe! Vintage  jewelry is fun, interesting, and full of personality, just like you!

Craftsmanship in Vintage Jewelry

Modern day mass produced jewelry pales in comparison to vintage costume jewelry. Historically, designers utilized quality materials and pieces were designed and partially or completely assembled by hand. Genuine Swarovski crystals, gold and rhodium plating, and superior manufacturing processes were the norm. Our estate jewelry collection is not like the “throw-away” jewelry of today! These pieces are special treasures that will last for many years to come, making our vintage jewels the perfect special and unique gift. Estate jewelry also makes the perfect bridal jewelry choice if you want to wear statement costume jewelry that will last throughout your lifetime.

Aqua Blue Czech Glass Drops and Brass Filigree Necklace