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Sherman Jewelry
Sherman jewelry provided by the Vintage Jewelry Girl collection. Sherman Jewelry Photo by Alexxa Grace Photography

Jewelry by  G.Sherman & Company LTD

In February of 1949, G.Sherman & Company LTD. was founded by Gustave Sherman of Montréal, Québec. The Sherman jewelry company sold both woman’s and men’s (under the name Senator) jewelry throughout Canada in some of the country’s most well-known stores as well as smaller boutiques. Sherman jewelry used some of the best plating techniques available as well as top-quality Swarovski crystals. Stones were set by hand and designs were innovative and unique to the designer’s style and vision, often making use of thin navette crystals which came to be known as the signature Sherman style. Because of the company’s commitment to quality, many pieces are still available today, sometimes appearing as if they were made yesterday. The Sherman jewelry company ceased operations in 1980 but the legacy lives on through a large community of avid and casual collectors as well as through Gustave Sherman’s grandaughter’s resurrection of her grandfather’s jewelry for the contemporary market.

Below are images from our collection of pieces that sold or are currently in inventory. This is only a small selection of what we’ve carried throughout the last 22 years and is offered here for educational purposes.

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Below is a selection of SIGNED Sherman sets. Click here for brooches, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.