vintage frog brooch
vintage frog brooch

Vintage Frog Brooch with Peacock Eye Stones


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Product Description

An unusual and unique vintage frog brooch!

This is no ordinary frog. He is handmade from sturdy brass. The body and feet appear to be stamped pieces (the feet are two back to back brass pieces) and the body has an attractive pointed design. The feet are little starfish and they have designs on them to mimic the texture of a starfish! The legs are crimped which adds to his appeal even further. You can almost imagine him using those wavy legs for jumping. The eyes are foiled art glass peacock eye stones and his eyelids have the cutest cutout eyelashes! The back of this vintage frog brooch  is a dark dulled brass color and the front is more shiny leading me to believe he is gold plated. This is a well made piece and an excellent addition to a figural, frog, or peacock eye collection!

Size: 4″ x 2 1/4″

Condition: Very good with some darkening to the metal.